My Good-Friend Radar Is Detecting

I still haven’t found the artistic guy friend but instead, this one girl caught my attention. For now, I’ll call her Kristee. I haven’t really talked to her much except that one time in Biology lab when she wanted to borrow my pen to write her name on the sign-in sheet but that’s about it.  

Also, she kind of reminds me of Esther from Orphan except she has brown hair and has rosy cheeks.  Maybe it’s her hairstyle and her face shape. I don’t know. 

Ugh, I want to talk to her but a) I’m bad at initiating a conversation b) I’m bad at keeping the conversation steady c) I’m socially awkward d) I basically don’t know what to say

And she’s also timid too. -_-;; Hmm… it would be nice if we exchange some words a bit.

And on the side note: I expected her to be shorter than me but when we were next together in a line, she was taller than me. -_-;;;;;;; Ugh, I was so sure I was the taller one….. lol